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author of

Coyote's Guide

to Connecting with Nature



As human beings, we thrive on connection. When our connective system is linked up in a healthy way, we feel alive!

Our life is joyous, peaceful, compassionate, and full of vitality. We call these qualities The Attributes of Connection.


When we feel the attributes in our lives, we know we are on track and connected. If we are not feeling these qualities, this becomes a warning, just like the    red indicator light   on a car’s dashboard, that tells us it’s time to do some work on the car. We look under the hood - and suddenly realize the battery wires are rusty and need cleaning, and the fan belt needs replacing!

We all experience wear and tear simply by going through life. Things happen, challenges come up, and we do our best to move forward. Sometimes in the process we get wounds - emotionally and mentally, or even physically - yet we have to keep moving forward. These old patterns can accumulate and become like a dirty lens that we begin to see the world through, and often we don’t even realize it. How would it feel to shed some of those old layers, and revitalize the connections that breathe life into us?


The 8 Gifts From Nature course guides you through time-tested practices to awaken the attributes of connection for yourself and others.

When we activate the core routines of connection, we bring new energy through our connective systems. We get recharged and flush out the old debris, and bring in new life enhancing energy. We start to feel fully alive again, with open hearts and present minds. Our senses wake up; we meet each day empowered by a feeling of alignment and attunement with life.



"The future belongs to the nature-smart."

- Richard Louv, The Nature Principle



The core routines shared in this course connect us with nature, our basic source of creativity and life. The doorway to this connection is through the senses and through cultivating presence. Learn skills for opening this doorway and walking deeper into connection with the nature within and surrounding us in all ways.


Are you feeling called to make a positive impact

in your community?

Whether you run a school or a program  - or if you are a life coach, therapist, teacher, student, parent, or grandparent - this course outlines an in-depth roadmap for enhancing your local community through effective practices for yourself and others in connection with nature and with each other.

About the Course

Jon Young, author of Coyote's Guide to Connecting With Nature and founder of the 8 Shields mentoring model, shares an in-depth journey into just how simple it really is to access your very own inherent blueprint for connection - it's truly all there within you.

Learn from Jon and other skilled community mentoring specialists through eight video modules and practices that you can move through at your own pace.

Course Topics Include:

The Attributes of Connection as a “North Star” for mentoring and personal development. Learn and cultivate practices that support connection in your life.
Sensory practices in nature that reduce stress, engage awareness and cultivate presence and creativity

Mentoring skills including: the Art of Questioning and deep listening; creating community interactive opportunities

Community Facilitation Processes including: tools for peaceful interaction & group communication; forgiveness techniques; the "Slow Office" meeting cycle for building connection in the workplace

Inner Tracking & Renewal of Creative Path: awareness tools for shining light on the inner landscape, and bringing forth your creative potential and vision

The 8 Handshakes. . . Essential Tools for Culture Repair

Explore a map of effective best-practices for creating "surface area" for mentoring and greater connection to occur in your community. These activity patterns build on relationships, improve and/or restore connections on a personal, family and community level.

This online course details essential tools for mentors, parents, teachers, program directors, leaders, and those engaging in a deeper personal journey into the possibilities of deeply fulfilling connection and compassion for yourself, your loved ones, and nature.


The online course includes:

8 Gifts From Nature Video Graphic8 Downloadable Videos (Quicktime format, works on your computer and on iPhone and other mobile devices) including interviews with Jon Young and other expert mentors.

Learn proven routines and tools to build deeper nature connection for yourself and your community.
PDF Guidebooks. Each module is packed with exercises  and reflection activities  to take you deeper into the Attributes of Connection, including transcripts of each video for visual learners.

Learn at Your Own Pace. Explore each activity section as you wish. All course materials can be downloaded (requires good internet connection and modern browser),  and you can focus on the pieces that interest you most.

Bonus - Special Course Extras: 

  • Includes full-length audio MP3 recordings of Jon Young's 3 part teleseminar series on Culture Repair, Storytelling, and Peacemaking
  • Special uncut video interview with Grammy-award winning musican Victor Wooten, sharing amazing insights into mentoring and nature connection and how they weave with the arts of creative musicianship.
  • Jon Young's All About Anchoring Volumes 1 & 2 Audio & Transcriptions, detailing a core Culture Repair skill for creating your own network of community support

Why Online Training?


This course condenses over 30 years of mentoring experience into a single powerful resource at your fingertips. Jon Young details not only the how's, but also the why's of mentoring... and shares practical methods to enliven connection with nature both for yourself, and for your family and community.


Live Workshops that cover this breadth of information, not to mention the associated travel expenses, can add up to prohibitive costs for many people who seek these tools, often thousands of dollars. Offering this training online allows us to present these skills to many more world-changers around the globe at a fraction of the cost.


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